9 Septembre 2019 à 10h25 - 449

Learn to ride like a real cowboy

Many people, long attracted by the Great West, wanted to try riding said to "American" to look like these cowboys. If you are also attracted but you hesitate, no doubt you have to try it. Nevertheless, before embarking, some questions remain. Will I like it? Am I good enough to get there? Is not that too dangerous? Come to discover on this site how to enjoy this western adventure!

To do what ?

An introductory session will first allow you to familiarize yourself with the western environment, its codes, its ethics, its history. But also to get used to the horses and know how to put them on your side? To know if you like it and if you feel good about it.

What is the right equipment to ride in western riding?

Ideally, you will need jeans with seams outside the Wrangler type, to avoid burns that could be caused by friction on the saddle. You have to feel comfortable, you do not do a beauty contest, you are not in a western show so avoid the skinny waist that could make your life uncomfortable when you heal the hooves of your horse or put your foot in the stirrup. If you do not have this famous jeans handy, no need to panic.

Western riding boots

As for boots, a pair of robust western boots is ideal for work at the stables. Favor round-toed boots. The famous cowboy boots, known for their characteristics: pointy toe, heel tucked under the boot and many designs inlaid in the leather, are not made to ride on horseback! There is something for everyone, from the simplest to the most elaborate leather.

So, learn how to be in the shoes of a cowboy and enjoy this equestrian adventure! You will know how to ride properly and you will be inspired by the characters of westerns.