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Equitack : We are passionnate about horse riding

At equitack, they offer you a large inventory of equipment for horses and riders; in various equestrian disciplines such as the classic, the western, the team ... So if you are passionate about riding, this is the perfect opportunity to project yourself into buying used saddles.

The saddle that suits you

What will be your ideal horse saddle? A saddle for hiking, comfortable and resistant? A mixed saddle, suitable for all disciplines on horseback? A saddle of obstacle, with the districts directed towards the front and with the flat seat? A dressage saddle with long quarters, low straps and hollow seat? Then you can choose from our selection of leather saddles, durable and elegant or easy-to-live synthetic saddles. Finally, we offer various sizes of riding saddles to fit your size and that of your mount.

Horse saddles at Equitack

Whether leather or synthetic, all their saddles are adapted to the morphology of the horse and its rider. Their saddles have exceptional durability thanks to their manufacture involving the best materials and handmade. They are suitable for many riding disciplines: jumping, dressage, endurance or equestrian excursions. You will find saddles of big brands such as Antares, Butet, CWD, Devoucoux, Delgrange, Voltaire Design, etc. Their shop also sells online complementary equipment: saddle cloth, strap, stirrups.

Find all Equitack riding saddles and be guided to choose the right saddle for you and your horse. On horseback, for novice to expert riders, depending on your equestrian discipline, find the leather and synthetic saddles, or obstacle saddles, dressage and mixed saddles of all brands.

So, for all horse and riding enthusiasts, equip yourself like a brave rider with Equitack saddles. You will have the choice between several types of saddles according to your discipline and the morphology of your steed. Be aware of the latest arrivals of saddles in the Equitack Shop, which you can find online on their official website.

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