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All our used saddles available in our online store

A saddle is your horse's strong point. There are some tactics for choosing, but the ideal is to be guided by experts in horseback riding. Generally, a perfect saddle is the one that is used, or a worn and repaired saddle. Here is some information about this.

Why choose a second-hand saddle for the horse?

There are several types of saddles depending on the size of the saddle which will correspond to the age of your horse. A saddle that also depends on the discipline you have with your horse. You can do show jumping, a racehorse, a racehorse with a sled, a horse for hiking and other equestrian activities. Each saddle shape is therefore different, and that's why you should ask the experts to help you. The main focus is on the materials used to make the saddle. The stools in vogue at the moment are made of synthetic, it is of a different design, very light and washable.

Second-hand saddles

The old or fine used saddle still has this slightly old design, but it is strong and durable when well maintained. There is a certain peculiarity with second-hand saddles. First, the basis for the manufacture of this saddle is still difficult to copy today. But the choice of raw material is also an essential point whose advantage is still retained by second-hand saddles. And now that we have saddlery specialists who have kept this good way of making a good saddle, it is important to collaborate with these companies. The latter has the online sales portal where you can view the products and order online, pay online and have them delivered a few days later.

You still have the offer for a week's trial, and free advice from the agents who will also offer you their online help if you really are stuck on how to saddle your horse and especially how to take care of the saddle and others.

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