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Making sure you find the right fitted saddle for your horse

Buying a saddle in your price range is more than just finding a nice-looking saddle. As far as the horse is concerned, a saddle that does not fit properly can result in the muscles of the back being sore and a corresponding bad attitude. It takes some work to find a saddle that suits your horse. While saddle manufacturers produce saddletrees in different sizes, each horse is an entity and may not fit into a saddle corresponding to the horse's apparent back width. Follow the steps outlined in the following sections during that trial period to determine the fit of the saddle and enlist an experienced horse person to help you determine the saddle fit.

Assess the horse's saddle fit

If you're spending for a new saddle or using your current saddle you're familiar with or with cwd used saddles, it should be part of your regular riding routine to check your saddle fit. With exercise and age, the body condition and fitness of your horse constantly change. For this reason, I recommend having at least once a year a qualified saddle fitter test the fit of your saddle. By keeping an eye on how your saddle fits your horse, you're going to get more tuned to the minute changes happen.

How to evaluate a saddle that will fit your horse

Here is how you can do to evaluate a saddle that will fit your horse.

- Be sure that your saddles is centered

Check to see if your saddle sits in the middle of the back of your horse and does not slide off to either side.

- Free the garbage

If your saddle on the two sides is too fitted against his wicker, he can't bend.

- Investigate the flow of gullet

The width of your hand should be sufficiently clear all the way down the middle of the saddle.

- See the bars

The bars are the only part of the tree that comes into contact with your horse and they are used to distribute your weight in the saddle.